Our Story

Newport Ambulance Service, β€œNAS”, has a long history. As of September 2016 we will have been serving northern Vermont for 50 years. NAS was started back in September 1966 by the Newport City Fire Department, which ran it until about 1980. At that point it became its own volunteer service, struggling through the 1980s, as did all Ambulance services. In 1989, the service had reached the point of collapse and the Board of Directors was formed. This board was made up of the Mayor of Newport City, the District 2 Medical Director, a representative of the hospital and three local people. 1989 was a year of change: the squad was let go and the board contracted with another service to cover while they brought an Executive Director on and rebuilt the squad. That process began on August 1, 1989. In the years since, the service has grown into what is now a model service around the state and has received many awards.

The service call volume grew over the next few years and it became obvious that volunteers were not enough. Although we had many; the call volume required more than could be expected of them. In the mid 90s, the changing from volunteers to career staff began. By 2000, we were running primarily with career staff.

We pride ourselves in being professional and caring. The Board sets that tone with five-year plans that are actively followed. The new building built in Newport in 1998 was the conclusion of one of those five-year plans. In 2006, we finished the building in Johnson also part of the five- year planning.

In 2002, we were approached by the Towns of Belvidere, Eden, Hyde Park, Johnson, and Waterville and were asked to put a proposal together for ambulance service to the communities. Thus the beginning of NEMS on July 1 st 2003, Northern Emergency Medical Service is the name that Newport Ambulance Service does business under in that area. We saw this as an opportunity to further EMS for both areas of the state and the communities we serve.